Blog: Hey, kids! It's open mic night at your local Scientology spaceport! - 2019-09-14

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F0.png Hey, kids! It's open mic night at your local Scientology spaceport! September 14, 2019, Jeffrey Augustine, Scientology Money Project

(Note: This piece was originally published at Tony Ortega's Underground Bunker and is republished here for archival reasons.)

Scientology TV features so much repetitive and boring content that it has taken to inviting desperate filmmakers to screen their documentaries on its platform. These filmmakers are able to overlook the appalling human rights abuses of Scientology in order to get their documentaries about other appalling human rights abuses broadcast. The mental gymnastics of this aside, Scientology TV has become the broadcast channel of last resort for those who have run out of money for promotion and traveling to film festivals.

The Scientology Ideal Org in the San Fernando Valley has a similar problem. The Org has so much empty and unused space that it has to look for something with which to fill that space. When we last reported on the Valley Ideal Org in January of this year, it was hosting a fake interfaith press conference attended by tens of people. As an adjunct to this faux ecclesiastical nonsense, the Valley Org conducted a grim conference on its vast and windswept plain of empty carpet: