Blog: Hmmm... Maybe This Alliance Thing Isn't Working Out? - 2013-04-14

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F376.png Hmmm... Maybe This Alliance Thing Isn't Working Out? April 14, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Remember the earlier post about the "Flag Alliance" to raise money for all the orgs in the "Southeast US" (all 4 of them) to "go Ideal"? An Ideal Org IQ Test

Well, the most "powerful OT Committee in the world", with 253 members at last count (not much of a percentage out of the claimed 10,000 Scientologists in the Tampa Bay area or 2 1/2%) is having a tough time getting people to confirm attendance. With this "Command Intention" — in fact the MOST IMPORTANT program according to "Chairman of the Bored", David Miscavige — event less than a week away, they have a less than impressive total of 29 confirmeds. Or about 0.25% of the local Scientology population (this is based on the church figures — in fact there are probably a maximum of 2,000 Flag Public in the Tampa Bay area, with more than half not on lines and not attending ANY events).

I think people are catching on.