Blog: How Big is "St Hill Size" - 2019-04-17

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F376.png How Big is "St Hill Size" April 17, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

There is a lot of mention of "St Hill Size" in scientology. It is one of the great catchphrases that motivates the sheeple "We are going St Hill Size," heard almost as often as "We are Clearing the planet" (but not as often as "will that be cash or check?").

But what exactly does St Hill Size mean and why is it important?

St Hill is the name of the estate in Sussex, England that L. Ron Hubbard bought in 1959 and converted into the international headquarters of scientology. There were "difficulties" in the US and he decided the UK was a safer operating climate. That lasted for a few years until he was refused a visa extension. He abandoned the UK and tried to set up in Rhodesia as the reincarnation of Cecil Rhodes which didn't go well. He then took to sea to be "fabian" in international waters away from the "control" of any "wog" government. That was the birth of the Sea Organization.