Blog: How Hot Is Texas? Lukewarm It Seems.... - 2013-04-17

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F376.png How Hot Is Texas? Lukewarm It Seems.... April 17, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

One of our Special Correspondents in Texas sent in this promotion.

I have been receiving many of these sort of "Alliance" promotions, there has been a massive international "push" over the last few weeks to round everyone up. Some of the "alliances" are very strange — the "Rocky Mountain Alliance" includes St. Louis (?) while Twin Cities is "allied" with Kansas City and Flag is "allied" with Puerto Rico, Orlando, Miami and Atlanta (Tampa Org and Flag are now considered the same thing it seems...)

Sent out on the same day — one email reports on the massive event that was held in Dallas — less than 30 people showed up for the "Alliance" to watch what has been described by a number of Correspondents as a "lame" rehash video showing Ideal Orgs and the infamous "arrows" (signifying the creation of groups, Missions and other orgs around the "Ideal Org"). It is just another re-edit of the same footage. And the "Management Guest Speaker" was Mark Pisani, the "WUS Landlord". I like Mark, I spent a lot of time with him on the RPF and interacted with him when he was the Esates IC of the PAC Base for MANY years. But its a stretch to promote him as someone from "International Management" (an entity that no longer exists)...