Blog: How Miscavige Killed Church Management - 2010-08-31

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F0.png How Miscavige Killed Church Management August 31, 2010, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

In January 1996 when I returned to the Int Base after two years of tech training at the Ship and Flag, Miscavige was well in progress on annihilating church management.

First, Miscavige was in the process of busting Marc Yager off CO CMO INT/WDC Chairman and spent three years attempting to turn the man into a mouse.

Second, Miscavige had nearly all those who remained in Int Managment working on an evolution as massive in content and as destructive in result as Golden Age of Tech. In his Stalinesque style Miscavige dubbed it New Era of Management. Like GAT, NEM consisted of endless binders of Miscavige written and/or directed and approved material. Just as GAT forever altered and replaced LRH tech, NEM forever altered and buried LRH admin.