Blog: How Scientology Views Its Marks - 2016-02-14

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F376.png How Scientology Views Its Marks February 14, 2016, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

A revealing look inside the mind of the scientology vultures comes by way of an email from the infamous Barbara Dews,.

It's all about the "close" to extract money from the mark.

These are the tricks to getting someone to give you their money — removing their "brick overcoats" of objections to handing over their money. My favorite is the "Unattached Female Buyer" — get her with flattery. Nothing like some good old 50's sexism brought forward into today's world. Why? Because in the 1970's L. Ron Hubbard recommended this book, so this horribly outdated drivel will endure for all time as the gospel on how to sucker cash out of unwilling prospects.