Blog: How Scientology hooks public officials on its addictive anti-drug front - 2016-01-20

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F0.png How Scientology hooks public officials on its addictive anti-drug front January 20, 2016, Jeffrey Augustine, Scientology Money Project

(Note: This article was originally published on Tony Ortega's Underground Bunker and is reprinted here for archival reasons)

Recently, we wrote about a police chief in a small Minnesota town who found himself being flown to Washington DC to be feted by the Church of Scientology and one of its celebrities, actress Erika Christensen. Why did he deserve this treatment? He was being celebrated because he had purchased anti-drug pamphlets from a Scientology front group, the Foundation for a Drug-Free World. After we wrote a couple of stories about how the police chief was being used in Scientology public relations, he had a change of heart and is no longer teaching the Foundation's classes in his town. Now, contributor Jeffrey Augustine looks a little more closely at how Scientology uses the Foundation to lure in unsuspecting public officials.

How does the chief of police of a small town in Minnesota find himself in Washington DC unwittingly promoting a Scientology "drug prevention" front group? It was the result of a well-designed Scientology program that is intended to lure unwary educators, law enforcement figures, and other overworked public officials tasked with drug education. This machine has ten parts: