Blog: How To Sell Dianetics - 2014-12-23

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F376.png How To Sell Dianetics December 23, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Someone recently sent me this write up giving the details on how to try to sell Dianetics on the street.

It including reference to the "No answer" drill from STCC (Success Through Communication Course). Of course, there is little in scientology that is straightforward when it comes to trying to interest new people. In today's Google world, it's virtually impossible. But this is all taken from references that predate the birth of the internet, it has always been this way in "disseminating."

As this drill is something that has been discussed quite a lot (it being the "acceptable" version of the infamous "TRL" (Training Routine Lie) from the old GO days), I am including it at the end of this posting.