Blog: Howard Becker Finally Realizes He Has Been Dead - 2014-07-13

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F376.png Howard Becker Finally Realizes He Has Been Dead July 13, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Well, it seems there is one good thing to come out of Super Power. Howard Becker has finally realized what everyone who has ever dealt with him already knew. He has been a dead thetan for 45 years. A zombie in an animated body (even though he completed all those OT levels and L Rundowns and Objectives a few times and Purif and read all the "Basics" and and and....)

Unfortunately, I am quite certain that this "realization" will not result in any change in his persona. You get a clue to what this is all about as immediately after this "cognition" he vows to keep on gouging money for the IAS for eternity and then gives his most heartfelt, brown-nosing, fawning thanks to... COB.

I guess the real question remains — can a vampire ever be converted back to life? Apparently not in the case of Vampire HB who must get his daily dose of green blood direct from the veins of his victims.