Blog: Hubbard on Vaccinations - 2020-06-02

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F376.png Hubbard on Vaccinations June 2, 2020, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Tony Ortega has run a number of articles detailing the activities of scientology "Anti-Vaxxers." This is his most recent.

One of the prominent scientology "conspiracy theory" purveyors is a guy named Jim Rego. He sends out emails almost every day to his scientology friends outlining rumors about vast government conspiracies, the "Deep State", George Soros, vaccinations, the World Bank etc. etc.

This time, he sent out, without comment, a quote from Hubbard I had never seen before. If this is known within the scientology world, then it explains why scientologists would be against vaccinations. Hubbard himself proclaims they don't work and are a hoax, based on his vast experience and knowledge about the first 100 soldiers admitted into military hospitals in WW II. This is certainly a made up "fact" but that never stopped Hubbard.