Blog: Human Trafficking in Scientology - 2011-02-05

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F0.png Human Trafficking in Scientology February 5, 2011, Jefferson Hawkins, Leaving Scientology

Fascinating interview this week on Tom Smith's Tampa area radio program, The Edge. He interviewed a Hungarian man who had been on staff at the Flag Land Base, and gives an inside look at the Sea Org operation there - an operation that amounts to human trafficking.

It seems that in order to get their Sea Org recruitment stats up, they are sending recruitment missions to Eastern Europe, South America, places where there is not so much internet use as the US or Western Europe. They promise these recruits anything - they will be able to train for free, to go to OT VIII for free, they will get a three week vacation every year to see their family, free medical care and on and on. These recruits, stars in their eyes, arrive at Flag, where their passports are taken, they are confined to the Base, and discover the real truth, a life of crowded, debased dormitories, sleep deprivation, endless work, pressure to meet quotas, and constant threats if they dare to step out of line. Imagine being in a foreign country with no passport, no papers, no friends, no money. These people have nowhere to go, no one to talk to.

It is interesting to note that Scientology engages in a vigorous internal campaign to get rid of "external influences," which is to say outside family members, friends, people on the street, newspapers, TV, radio, and blogs like this one that might shine a little light on what really goes on behind closed doors in the Church and cause Scientologists to "Doubt" their Church and their leaders.