Blog: Hysteria of the SP's and 60X Expansion - 2016-02-20

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F376.png Hysteria of the SP's and 60X Expansion February 20, 2016, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Tom Cruise's brother in law, nominal "head" of "Criminon International" and IAS fundraising shill has poured his heart into his latest letter beseeching people to come hear him speak on behalf of the IAS (so he can collect his FSM commissions).

This letter is fascinating on many levels:

He starts out in Chicken Little mode: look how bad things are, everyone is against us and it is terrible. But with it comes the scientology twist: all this PROVES we are winning. The "hysteria of the SP's" - ie the constant stream of bad news that pours in the door — from media coverage to legal losses and government prosecutions — is just "our indication of win!" This sort of (il)logic may keep the sheeple believing things are copacetic, but it also keeps them thinking there is no need to change and they should carry on. And thus, they barrel ahead on a path of total self-destruction. But I must say, it is nice to see so much mention of their "detractors" and "SP's" and the "growing pains" - obviously it is being noticed that things are not going quite as smoothly as predicted.