Blog: IAS - The Gift That Keeps On Taking - 2016-12-12

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F376.png IAS - The Gift That Keeps On Taking December 12, 2016, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Really — "give yourself the gift of giving us your money"?

They can twist ANYTHING into a reason to give them your money.

And once again, they are "discounting" their "statuses" to try to convince people to hand over cash now. Is a 3/4 patron still a patron? It is so absurd that you want people to give you $50,000 and you tell them if they do, you will tell them they are a "patron" and put their name on a list so they can have status with their fellow dupes. Then, when you want more money and things are drying up, you tell them "give us your money now" and we will reward you the same status everyone else paid us $50,000 for at the discounted price of $37,500. You are not buying a car here. It just shows that it is the STATUS that matters to these people, not the good they are doing with the money. If so, they would insist that they NOT be awarded a "discount status" as that is not the purpose of giving the money.