Blog: IAS Games - Happy Birthday Ron - 2019-03-13

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F376.png IAS Games - Happy Birthday Ron March 13, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

I have often noted that L. Ron Hubbard knew nothing about the formation of the IAS. He did not as it was a scheme to avoid bringing money into the US and therefore outside the purview of the IRS. The IAS morphed into something completely different over the first few years of its existence, especially after the Commodore shuffled off his mortal coil to continue his OT research in parts unknown. While it is in direct contradiction to much of his policy, I suspect he would have enjoyed how much money it raked in and gotten behind it. But he didn't and we will never know for sure.

But how ironic it is to see the IAS plugging themselves in celebration of this, his 108th birthday (as they like to call it inside the bubble). Continuing to count someone's age and sing happy birthday to them after they have died is a bit morbid — but not to scientologists who think this is perfectly normal even though they profess a belief that thetans are timeless, ageless beings and bodies are merely temporary vessels that allow the thetan to manifest itself in the physical universe.

Of course, Hubbard can no longer manifest himself — it would be nice if he would show up for a birthday celebration or give some sort of sign to let the faithful know he didn't just die and abandon them.