Blog: IAS Lies Exposed, Again - 2019-02-23

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F376.png IAS Lies Exposed, Again February 23, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Here is the hype from the IAS:

So, you see, the IAS takes credit for this program "reaching over 200 million people per year."

They make a big show of "sponsoring the distribution of 500,000 booklets at the Super Bowl". But this is a lie. The number of people distributing the booklets, according to their photo, was about 25 (that is all they could muster in a city with an "ideal" org??) - including children. That is 20,000 booklets per person. Even someone with Super Powers or who was complete cause over life from running around a pole couldn't manage that. This is also how they come to "reached over 200 million" — they likely counted this as "we reached a million at the Super Bowl because there were a lot of people who saw us."