Blog: IAS Money Grubbers - 2019-03-04

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F376.png IAS Money Grubbers March 4, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

This is a new list of IAS "Field Disseminators" — which translates into non-Sea Org fundraisers or "registrars" as they are called in scientology.

There are some interesting names on here. From the scientologists who own companies that employ other scientologists (like Bridgeforth and Cummins) to the IAS "Freedom Medal Winners" who are then sent out to tour the world to reg for the IAS. Those are circled in red — and I may have missed a few as the names are no longer all familiar to me.

These are the people that are making the highest amount of commission from the IAS. They are literally making a living by getting others to give money to the IAS.