Blog: IAS Volunteer Minister Scam - 2015-05-10

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F376.png IAS Volunteer Minister Scam May 10, 2015, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

The latest edition of Impact magazine, the propaganda and fundraising rag of the IAS is devoted almost exclusively to the "Volunteer Ministers" and the "massive" international relief efforts they engage in "thanks to the IAS."

Of course, those who are not blinded by KoolAid know this is a scam, that virtually NO money is spent on any of these things, and in fact the "relief efforts" are miniscule. Always just enough to get a photo or video or a person or two, and then everyone loses interest and moves onto the next fundraising effort. Nobody hears anything about the Philippines or Vanatau any longer, they are yesterday's news.

Recently there was a massive earthquake in Nepal. Within 12 hours, the money grubbing began. See below.