Blog: Ice Cream For Everyone - 2014-03-10

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F376.png Ice Cream For Everyone March 10, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Another inadvertant admission from inside the bubble.

They are totally enthusiastic about the fact they got "Highest Ever" for a WUS ribbon cutting. Really? All SO members in LA and all staff and public that could be rounded up in the LA area (and no doubt from San Diego and Santa Barbara and some were even shipped in from the Bay Area and Phoenix and anywhere else)? After all, they did not want to disappoint the Pope. Is there anywhere else in WUS that would expect to have higher turnout than LA? Certainly not Las Vegas. Or Phoenix. Or the Bay Area. Or Portland. Or Denver. Or Seattle. Or Dallas...

And the figure they are promoting is 5826. Wow, not a good show at all (judging from the "headcount" announced after the Sooper Powerz ribbon cutting, this means there were actually less than 2000 in attendance).