Blog: Ideal Org Fail - 2015-02-17

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F376.png Ideal Org Fail February 17, 2015, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Sunderland "ideal org"

The recent article on the South African blog about the sad state of Capetown "ideal org" reminded me that it was time for an update on this most important of all scientology endeavors.

You no doubt recall the fanfare (in scientology this is a euphemism for high pressure sales pitch) with which this monumental, milestone strategy was launched back in 2003. It was based on David Miscavige's "why" that unless orgs were "complete" they could not perform their functions and thus would fail. And that by putting "ideal orgs" there they would in turn create new groups, missions and other orgs, not to mention Narconons and WTH chapters and Applied Scholastics groups etc etc.