Blog: Ideal Orgs and Front Groups - 2018-09-23

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F376.png Ideal Orgs and Front Groups September 23, 2018, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

More evidence that the pretense of scientology is coming unglued.

Stevens Creek is an "ideal org". It has been since 2005 (Miscavige "rededictaed" it in 2012 because they put new videos in the lobby and they try to pretend it's only been ideal since 2012). There are three other ideal orgs within 50 miles. They should be well on their way to Clearing the entire Bay Area by now.

Add to that the constant hype about the huge "4th dynamic campaigns" that are "salvaging the world" from the ravages of drugs, psychiatry and human rights violations and you can see the hype laid bare.