Blog: In Celebration Of A Sociopath - 2014-04-30

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F376.png In Celebration Of A Sociopath April 30, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

In celebration of the birth of a true sociopath, and as a gift not for him but for those who may be unfortunate enough to be in his world, I am reprinting an excerpt from an article that appeared in Signs of The Times.

What is most interesting about this article to me is not the description of the characteristics of a sociopath, for these are brilliantly covered in Martha Stoutt's excellent book The Sociopath Next Door (the best $8 you will ever spend), but the discussion of apaths and empaths — the people who come in contact with sociopaths. Many have pondered the question "Why don't Ray Mithoff/Guillaume Lesevre/Marc Yager/Norman Starkey etc etc DO something about this and 'overthrow' Miscavige and set things straight?" I have often attempted to answer this in a shorthand fashion by stating they have been beaten into the ground and turned into jellyfish. This article explains the phenomenon more exactly.

Also recognize that within the world of scientology, the weapons of the sociopath are enhanced dramatically by a number of "absolute truths" such as "being critical equals overts and withholds" and "targetting good hats equals 'pretended PTSness' or evil purposes" and "you are responsible for your own condition, if you being targeted it is just motivators" and "stop being a victim." Anyone who has been a scientologist, and especially a staff member is extremely familiar with these catchphrases and can no doubt think of many others.