Blog: Independence Day 2012 - 2012-07-04

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F0.png Independence Day 2012 July 4, 2012, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

We send you our best wishes and we hope that you are enjoying the company of family and friends on America's Independence Day.

As most of you know the annual Indies (Independent Scientologists) Day celebration is this coming Saturday and Sunday in Minnesota. Stayed tuned here over the next few days for Independence news that will herald a trend that ushers in the end of the tyranny Indies have made such great sacrifices to effectuate. While they certainly won't grab the media attention that Miscavige's latest public relations coup has, Katies Holmes Breaks Miscavige Shackles, the long-term effects of coming events will do more to loosen the tyrant's grip on the free practice of Scientology than just about any events to date.

Those attending the Indies Day celebration will witness and participate in history making. Remember, as you watch and participate, that these events were made possible by all you have done to date. Keep in mind also that it will require unity of purpose and vigilance to overcome the reciprocal the tyranny has already begun to mount in response to the developments to which I allude.