Blog: Independent vs. Radical - more differentiation - 2011-01-14

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F0.png Independent vs. Radical - more differentiation January 14, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Let us not ever lose sight of what sets an Independent Scientologist apart from a Radical Scientologist. Independent Scientologists represent the hope that the workability of Scientology can and will be salvaged from the reversal of the subject that is practiced and enforced by Radical (Corporate) Scientology. That will be achieved by recognizing where Scientology has been and is being reversed by RS, and as-ising the reversal by practice of STANDARD TECHNOLOGY. Standard Technology can only be realized by recognizing and validating the fundamental principles and purposes of the subject – and never losing sight of them in practice. The following passage by LRH from Creation of Human Ability (in an introduction to the Axioms) describes some of those fundamentals, while at the same time describing the Radical Scientology reversal process quite well.

Scientology concludes and demonstrates certain truths. These truths might be considered to be the highest common denominator of existence itself.

The following summary of these truths has the aspect of precision observations rather that philosophic hazardings. When treated as precision observations, many results occur. When regarded as philosophic opinions, only more philosophy results.