Blog: Independents, now and then - 2012-03-23

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F0.png Independents, now and then March 23, 2012, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Thanks for the responses to my post of 20 March, Council for Spiritual Integrity. A lot of the initial information shared serves to confirm datums that I have already found to be true and have based my actions over the past three years upon. Among them:

1. The eighties leaders were different than current leaders in that the former ultimately were bought. I knew from the outset that David Miscavige was acutely aware of the fact that most everybody had a price. So much so that his ENTIRE, blanket strategy for dealing with exposure of his crimes can be summed up in two parts: a) Leverage: created by intelligence, black PR, and legal to put the target into a more amenable frame of mind, followed by b) buy off, and that means literally - nobody settles with David Miscavige whom Miscavige does not own to one degree or another.

That is one reason why I have stayed true from the beginning to the vow never to accept money from anyone that carries with it any attempt to influence my direction or behavior. I have turned down large sums of money that have been offered to get me to go in certain directions; and I will continue to refuse such in the future. People donate when they see fit - presumably by their following the chronicle of where I am going as memorialized on this blog. Monique can attest to the trend - and how no matter how lean things become on this end, I have not and will not pander or attempt to please to make a living - to me that is not living; that is the route to dying.