Blog: Intelligence Network Online, Inc. & Radical Scientology Covert Ops - 2010-12-02

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F0.png Intelligence Network Online, Inc. & Radical Scientology Covert Ops December 2, 2010, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Recently, I obtained documentary evidence that two unindicted co-conspirators from the DC 9 case are being used by OSA to run warfare against dissent on the internet and in the media. The DC 9 case is US v Mary Sue Hubbard, and eight other high level Guardian's Office Officials. In 1978 they were convicted of Obstruction of Justice for kidnapping a witness who ultimately blew the whistle on the Guardian's Office's ten year massive intelligence ops against government officials and private citizens.

Former Guardian's Office Bureau One (Intelligence) staff George Pilat and Bruce Ullman started a company in Clearwater Florida several years ago. It is aptly named Intelligence Network Online, Inc. (aka Intnet Online, address: Here is what the sentencing memorandum submitted by the Department of Justice to the US Federal District Court in the DC 9 case disclosed about George:

In February 1977, the Guardian's Office promulgated Guardian Program Order 1017 entitled "ARM (Anti-Religion Movement) Clean Sweep." (Document no. 13724.) It was written by unindicted co-conspirator George Pilat for defendants Heldt, Weigand and Budlong, and promulgated by fugitive defendant Jane Kember, the Guardian World-Wide. That order caIled for the placement of "covert agents" for "data collection lines" with anti-cult groups. (Id at 1) It provided, however, that only defendant Heldt and Weigand could authorize the use by other bureaus of the Guardian's Office of the documents so obtained. (Id at 2)