Blog: Introduction to Training Routines 0-9 - 2012-08-19

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F0.png Introduction to Training Routines 0-9 August 19, 2012, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

I am providing below a copy of the introduction I wrote for people who do Training Routines 0-9 here at Casablanca. I am not suggesting that anyone else copy and utilize it (but they are free to if they wish). However, I think some might find the context provided of interest.

Introduction to Training Routines 0-9 at Casablanca

The cutting edge of modern physics, quantum theory or quantum mechanics, has never been proven wrong in its predictions of phenomena. That is why technology derived from its principles accounts for more than one third of our current economy. These facts are not widely known, in part because quantum theory reveals unanswered conundrums that seem to set classic physics on its head. Most confounding is quantum theory's demonstration that consciousness affects, and may even create, the physical universe. Scientists have demonstrated over and over that the observer affects the behavior of matter in its smallest observable form (the sub atomic waves or particles which combine to form all matter). The fact that the observer (the spirit) is not of the physical universe and cannot therefore be directly measured by physical devices leaves quantum theorists scratching their heads and posing rather clumsy metaphysical questions. The seeming convergence of science into the realm of consciousness, or the spirit, frightened many scientists in the early part of the 20th Century. That included one of science's most free and liberal thinkers, Albert Einstein. On more than one occasion Einstein warned fellow scientists to be wary of the 'spooky actions' that quantum physics revealed when the observer (consciousness, or the spirit) met matter. He along with the leading scientists of the era were concerned that quantum theory would turn science toward the metaphysical realms of consciousness; a taboo for the masters of the physical universe. One of the pioneers of quantum theory, Niels Bohr, proffered an agreement called the Copenhagen interpretation to allay such fears. The agreement was that the established observation of quantum physics that the observer (consciousness, spirit) affects and even seems to create matter at the microscopic level would only apply at the level of the then-fringe sub study of quantum mechanics. Since science was unable to demonstrate the quantum observations with matter larger than atoms – in large part due to its lack of technological means to do so – classic Newtonian physics would not be monkeyed with at the macroscopic level. Science would leave the spirit alone.