Blog: Irish Persistence And Miscavige Tin Ears - 2014-01-22

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F376.png Irish Persistence And Miscavige Tin Ears January 22, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Thanks so much to the temporary moderator who seems to have gone above and beyond the call of duty to keep things moving along in my absence. We had a wonderful vacation with the Headley clan and also got to see some old friends in Denver, including one VERY long time friend from Gold who I had not seen since I left in 2007.

I may be posting something here that is already known, I really wasn't able to keep up with everything. But someone sent me an email last evening enclosing this article which I found interesting. Not really a new story, but just further proof of the absolute tin ears of Miscavige and Sherman (who has apparently been quite ill — confirming what he looks like on stage). So desperate were they for ANYTHING to show at the New Year's event that they decided to go with a fairy tale about the the amazing expansion in Ireland. Miscavige is notoriously US-centric in his perception of the world. If it is not happening in his backyard, it isnt important. So, he paid no attention to the history of media coverage in Ireland. I would estimate that only France, Germany and Australia have had a more consistent flow of "entheta" media over the last two decades. All the more remarkable in that there isnt even an ORG in Ireland (though Miscavige made much of the astonishing discoveries LRH made in his organization in Merrion Square — the "PE" and that THIS is the great intro route that Miscavige "recovered" to boom Scientology).

Imagine if there were interested media in the other places He pontificated and condescended about in that event. The Mexican prison officials who had no idea they would be paraded by the "leader" of Scientology (in a video that was a repeat of several others that had earlier proclaimed the same thing about getting "LRH tech" into the prison system). They would be issuing denials as soon as they heard the word Scientology. Or the Italian Narconon people who have "cut the mediterranean drug routes" with a video that looks IDENTICAL to the two previous IAS Freedom Medal winners from Narconon Italy — the first was Gabrielle Segalla in the 90's. Or the Malaysian Government and businesspeople being "ushered into the 21st century" by study tech who had no clue Scientology had any part of it.