Blog: Is David Miscavige a Threat to the Public At Large? - 2011-10-02

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F376.png Is David Miscavige a Threat to the Public At Large? October 2, 2011, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

If you think the Petition to President Obama has nothing to do with you, your friends, your family, and even your neighbors, think again. What follows is but one of many stories about how the taxpayer subsidized, mafia-like tactics of David Miscavige pose a danger to society at large. Ratchet up your confront of evil a couple notches. David Miscavige with a billion tax free dollars is capable of - and is trying his hardest to achieve - a tremendous amount of chaos and hurt even to those who have never heard of Scientology. If you don't want advances in the sciences and particularly health sciences to be squashed like the Dark Ages by a well-heeled sociopath then go to and sign the petition now - then get five other people to do the same.

- Marty

Robert Almblad with one of his grandchildren