Blog: Islands of Sanity - In a Sea of Wogs - 2019-10-28

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F376.png Islands of Sanity - In a Sea of Wogs October 28, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

David Miscavige is fond of talking about how his "Ideal Org" program is creating "islands of sanity"... It is prominent in his official hagiography at

The idea that "OT's" are the ones "changing the planet" and creating "ideal orgs" is a "truth" scientology. It was one of Miscavige's strokes of genius to make the "OT's" responsible for creating ideal orgs. That way, they could not complain that they were not able to do OT IX and X, because Miscavige set an arbitrary that all orgs had to be "ideal" before this could happen (it actually began with all orgs St Hill Size, but when that was recognized as unattainable and therefore not a usable carrot, he changed it to "Ideal Orgs")/

The Flag OT Committee harps on fundraising for these ideal orgs as if their ethics clearance depends on it. Of course, it does. Or at least, healthy contributions to the ideal org fundraising is a great when sitting in front of a scientology ethics officer or chaplain.