Blog: It's Always "The Files" - 2017-01-15

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F376.png It's Always "The Files" January 15, 2017, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

With all the massive international expansion and flood of people moving up the bridge, 10 times more than ever, etc etc one would imagine the heads of the organizations at the top of the Bridge would be flat out dealing with this overwhelming tide of OT's.

Instead, the "Commanding Officer" of the FSSO (responsible for delivering OT VIII — really her ONLY job) and the D/CO Flag AO (responsible for delivering OT I - VII, his SOLE job) are visible for another reason. Begging people to do FILING at Valley Org.

Not even a global beg for filing everywhere (which apparently IS needed) — just a single org so they can "open."