Blog: It's Easter at the Ft Harrison: Christians Not Welcome - 2019-04-16

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F376.png It's Easter at the Ft Harrison: Christians Not Welcome April 16, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Easter is a uniquely Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Scientologists do NOT believe in Christ — though Hubbard gave lip service to the idea that "we want the same things Jesus wanted, peace on earth and goodwill for all men" (though even that is not true as great wealth was NOT a goal of Jesus, and goodwill for all men is NOT a goal of scientology — especially those deemed to be enemies). To be precise, it was even more vague and condescending, Hubbard said: "Scientology can demonstrate that it can attain the goals set for man by Christ, which are: Wisdom, Good Health, and Immortality."

Scientology and Christianity are NOT compatible. At all. In scientology there is only one savior of mankind and the universe. L. Ron Hubbard. The savior of mankind is definitely NOT Jesus Christ. In fact, Hubbard claimed that Christianity and Jesus Christ are merely a part of the "R6 bank" or "R6" (a highly destructive pattern of irrational and destructive behavior that humans on this "prison planet" are burdened with in order to keep them subdued).