Blog: It's NOT About The Money.... Really. - 2013-11-14

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F376.png It's NOT About The Money.... Really. November 14, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

More tidbits from inside the bubble.

This is an interesting preview of GAG II and gives an indication about how He plans to spin it.

1. We collected "everything LRH ever said or wrote" — for about the fourth time. Same line that was used when the "LRH originals project" was done so it could all be put on titanium plates. Then it was stated for the first set of Tech Vols. Again for the second set of tech vols. For the "new" OEC. For the Basics. For GAT. For the "Golden Age of Knowledge." etc etc etc This is pretty much expected — after all, He has positioned Himself as D/Source For Lost Tech.