Blog: It's Thursday... - 2020-07-02

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F376.png It's Thursday... July 2, 2020, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

This recent promotional item caught my attention as one of the more ridiculous pieces I have seen in a while. So it seemed perfect for a Thursday Funny.

They're holding a "virtual" event (on 5 July) but you are supposed to "serve your favorite Independence Day food." Is this a virtual leftovers event?

The poor fools have been working on "building" their "ideal org" to "create Man's true freedom" for more than 15 YEARS and are no closer to having a building now than when they began. And of course, they will only start creating Man's true (?) freedom once they have a building. Because Miscavige announced way back when that orgs could not make it unless they were "ideal" because they could not provide "all" of scientology. He analogized it to an auditing session. Unless you have an E-meter and a room and an auditor you can't audit. And thus, unless you have a 50,000 sq ft fully renovated building with videos in Div 6 instead of people, you cannot deliver real scientology.