Blog: It's an Ideal Ideal World... - 2013-05-02

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F376.png It's an Ideal Ideal World... May 2, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

David Miscavige's Propaganda by Redefinition of Words is trickling down to the few remaining field auditors (who apparently no longer audit but deliver "seminars" — auditing as a career in the RCS doesnt seem to work out, though today there are a lot of independent field auditors who are prospering...).

The objective now is an "Ideal Life." Even in the same font as the "Ideal Org" promotion. Soon to come — "Ideal Children", "Ideal Meals", "Ideal Cats"...

This is the new Corporate Scientology "brand" — Apple has iPhone, iMac, iPod; Costco has "Kirkland;" Walmart has "Great Value" and Miscavige has "Ideal" as his "brand". Everything except "Ideal Scene."