Blog: It Didn't Take Long - 2016-06-04

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F376.png It Didn't Take Long June 4, 2016, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

It was clear to everyone this was coming.

The SuMP launch is done. Funny, haven't seen any shows broadcast yet on the airwaves - not TV or radio or even anything on the internet?? You can be sure that if someone else "opened" a "broadcast center" it would begin broadcasting. Ideal orgs will continue, but there are too many areas where they already HAVE an empty ideal org or there is absolutely NOTHING happening even when they have a "new" building (Hello Philly? Detroit, New Haven, Chicago etc etc etc). The dead ideal org horse has been beaten to dust in all but a few cities.

So what's the ecclesiastical leader of the fastest growing religion on earth supposed to do under the circumstances?