Blog: JLo, Disconnection and Going Clear - 2015-03-25

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F376.png JLo, Disconnection and Going Clear March 25, 2015, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Alex Gibney's film, Going Clear, documents the horror of disconnection and how it is used as a control mechanism in scientology.

It is most dramatically demonstrated in his film with the story of Sara Goldberg. Her son Nick had a friend who was friends with me. Nick would not disconnect from his friend, so his mother was told to disconnect from her son. She was given an impossible choice — if she didn't disconnect from him, she would be declared an SP and her daughter would be forced to disconnect from her. This is not a "personal choice" (as the church so often proclaims). Sara has the documents to prove that she begged to not be put in this impossible position. She also has a copy of the uncaring, inhumane response she received from the church. (This story was originally covered by Joe Childs in a lengthy article in the Tampa Bay Times).

So, why is this the topic of today's post?