Blog: Janet Reitman: "Change or Die." - 2011-06-24

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F0.png Janet Reitman: "Change or Die." June 24, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

The following is the conclusion of the interview that Editor in Chief of the Village Voice conducted with Janet Reitman, author of the new book Inside Scientology:

If the celebrities are being more cautious, it's fascinating to see the new "Independent Scientology" movement flourishing as former high-level members like Marty Rathbun rebel against Miscavige's rule.

"Scientology is a very doctrinaire church, way beyond Catholicism. I mean a really all-encompassing, all-demanding, highly judgmental, cripplingly controlling, organization. And these Independents are saying, 'Fuck the organization, we're just going to go do this on our own, we're going to pay a lot less money for it because really, this stuff should be free. And we're going to live better lives.