Blog: Jobur "Ideal" Org Moar Big Fail - 2013-12-04

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F376.png Jobur "Ideal" Org Moar Big Fail December 4, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Just because I like the no nonsense FACTS I am reprinting this article.

This sort of coverage is a hallmark of the new South African blog. If you are not checking it out regularly, you are missing some good stuff.

South Africa is predictably going to be the first area that will be lost to corporate Scientology. It is like a ship that has left the dock and the "missionaires" are trying to get it tied back down by throwing mud, hoping it will stick to the side and weigh it down so much it will sink. Lots luck with that. I guess the Mission briefing sort of missed the real scene....