Blog: Keeping Scientology Working - 2013-01-25

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F0.png Keeping Scientology Working January 25, 2013, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

I noticed there were several contributors recently commenting that Keeping Scientology Working (L. Ron Hubbard Policy letter of 7 Feb 65) ought to be adhered to to the letter. Some commented that they agreed that as far as 'technology' was concerned Keeping Scientology Working was supreme and unalterable, but that they didn't necessarily agree with applying it to Administration (Admin) policy.

Well consider this from Policy Letter Keeping Admin Working (Policy Letter of 10 July 1986 I):

Therefore, to keep Scientology working, all of Scientology, one must insist on standard tech and admin. The principles of unvarying adherence to precise technology, constant alertness to tech alter-is and insistence that every Scientologist abide by these rules apply just as severely to the third dynamic technology of standard administration - POLICY.