Blog: Keeping it real - 2011-03-20

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F0.png Keeping it real March 20, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Mosey and I took a long drive across the South Texas plains yesterday to get some space and watch the wild flowers bloom. She had a very interesting take on the three-blog "debate" over the past couple days on the subject of OT abilities. Her introduction to Scientology had nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with any representations or hopes of attaining "OT abilities." She originated getting some auditing in hopes of getting a little bit of what I had, whatever it was she saw I had. Shortly into it she saw that it was bringing her closer to taking a peek behind a curtain that she just knew must remain closed, because she just knew that whatever was behind it was formidable, foreboding, and scarier than all hell. After a little more auditing, she began to peek, and after some more began to look a little more, and after some more decided to tear the curtains down altogether. Voila, the monkey on her back that had been terrorizing her all her life as-is'd (disappeared). The clouds parted, the sun shone, and lo and behold, happiness and being became effortless. According to her, never in her wildest dreams was such a feat possible. Ever since, we rarely use phones or texts to communicate, even though we spent ten hours physically apart most weekdays since. And we're in about as good comm as any two people could be expected to be. The less we try to label it or promote it the more it seems to manifest.

When Monique asked me what Scientology was initially I think I explained it with about the same few sentences I did when Anderson Cooper – and others since - asked the same question. Something like this: You ever hear the U2 song Stuck In a Moment? Goes something like this, "you've got to get yourself together, you got stuck in a moment and now you can't get out of it." Does that resonate with you? Well, Scientology is a pretty simple and effective method of getting you unstuck from those moments. And to me, that is the simplicity of it.

What that process leads to is as varied as the billions of personalities who inhabit this planet. From my experience in applying it, one thing can be said about just about everyone I've applied it to: wherever they were at when they started they ultimately felt like they had moved on up a little higher.