Blog: L. Ron Hubbard - The Answer to Everything - 2020-05-30

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F376.png L. Ron Hubbard - The Answer to Everything May 30, 2020, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

It takes time to unravel the scientology mindset. Perhaps it never happens, especially for those raised in it. I know I am still working to untangle my thoughts from those inculcated in me from a young age. And when one of the first ideas hammered home is that Ron has provided the answers to all of life's problems and that all you need is to "do what Ron says," it sets you on a path to formulating a world-view that is shaped in every way by "Ron."

There is a defining characteristic of scientologists. Certainty. Certainty that they alone know the path to happiness and spiritual enlightenment. Certainty they know the answers to all of life's problems – for themselves and every man, woman and child on this planet and anywhere in the universe. That certainty is built until it becomes an impregnable wall that repels all uncertainties, doubts or questions about whether scientology is right or wrong. In some ways, it is a comfort not having to think or worry about decisions or moral questions, but instead to be absolutely certain that you know the answers and the right thing to do at every turn.

L. Ron Hubbard was prolific. He wrote millions of words on scientology and delivered thousands of lectures. He explained things in invented terms and acronyms, creating a jargon that makes it difficult for outsiders to comprehend. It is a secret code for those inside the scientology bubble. There is little Hubbard did NOT expound on — from the origins of the universe to who is really trying to destroy planet earth. From how to relieve phobias, raise your child, cure cancer, increase your IQ and cure homosexuality to the correct method for washing windows (with newspaper). Virtually nothing escaped his special proclaimed expertise and he spoke of it all with unflinching certainty. Never one to understate his genius, Hubbard proclaimed his knowledge of life had surpassed everyone in history. His certainty is then a mantle assumed by his followers, who believe that by studying the words of Ron, they too have the only correct answers to every problem faced by anyone, anywhere, ever. They know they are superior beings to the "run of the mill homo saps" because they have learned all the answers. Hubbard even coined a term for scientologists — a new breed of man: "homo novis."