Blog: L. Ron Hubbard Envoy Extraordinaire - 2015-07-27

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F376.png L. Ron Hubbard Envoy Extraordinaire July 27, 2015, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

While they keep the pressure on Ideal Org begging to hand out humanitarianisms, the IAS vultures circle offering up patronisms and the Planetary Dissemination hyenas are trying to scrape together some crumbs in exchange for heroisms, the old reliable vampires at the Mecca of Technical Imperfection are reviving the heat on the L. Ron Hubbard Hall.

The old hands who sucked so much out of Flag's public for their SP building are patterning their new pitch on another superhero concept, but instead of the Legion of Doom they have the Legion of Honor. No longer will cornerstones suffice.

And rather than certifying the members as "Lex Luthor" or "Giganta" from the Legion of Doom they have taken their own path with a brand new title that is going to be coveted by the status junkies inside the scientology bubble: L. Ron Hubbard Envoy Extraordinaire.