Blog: LA County District Attorney Election Tomorrow. - 2020-03-02

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F376.png LA County District Attorney Election Tomorrow. March 2, 2020, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

The election for the District Attorney of LA County is on "Super Tuesday" (tomorrow, 3 March).

This is not something I would normally write about, but the actions of Jackie Lacey have concerned me for some time — since I was first contacted by the victims of Danny Masterson.

Leah and I have been personally involved trying to help these women get justice and have witnessed the frustration of Jackie Lacey sitting on the proposed prosecution of the crimes without rejecting or filing charges. She has left the case and Masterson's victims in limbo. It is the coward's way out — if a prosecutor does not believe there is evidence to file charges, they should make their position known and refuse to file. If they do believe there is evidence they should do the right thing regardless of the perceived consequences. Doing nothing at all and saying nothing is a way of avoiding the consequences of a decision and leaving the door open to being able to take the politically expedient course of action at a later date. If political fortunes or public outcry becomes too great, "I am filing the charges, I wanted to make sure all the evidence is in" and if no outcry quietly dismiss, or if there is outcry on the other side "you are keeping an innocent person under a cloud of suspicion" then "I have been ensuring all the facts were collected and I can no confirm no evidence of a crime exists."