Blog: LRH arrives at Creston - 2010-10-25

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F0.png LRH arrives at Creston October 25, 2010, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

by Steve "Sarge" Pfauth

Toward the end of my years as 'rover' I lived in an RV park in a small town called Devore. Devore was a little town north of San Bernadino California. I coined the term 'Rover' as I didn't really have a post. During those years I just floated around and did backup stuff for Pat Broker and LRH. We used the Devore RV park for 'meets' with DM and JB and a safe place for Pat and I to operate from. .

Early 1983, after LRHs birthday in March, Pat brought a horse to Devore. The horse was a beautiful thoroughbred mare named 'January'. January was a birthday present from Pat and Annie Broker to LRH. We found a local with a corral for rent in the town of Devore and I took care of 'January'. I fed, brushed and curried her and would ride her around the corral bareback (didn't have a saddle). She loved me and I her.