Blog: L Ron Hubbard Centennial - 2011-03-11

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F0.png L Ron Hubbard Centennial March 11, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

While Scientology Inc is crassly utilizing the LRH Centennial as a worldwide crush reg fest, we are kicking off the LRH Centennial weekend with a special acknowledgement. It is the announcment of the 2011 Birthday Game LRH Technology delivery winner. But it is more than that. It is an acknowledgment of two of the most valuable beings on the planet - as LRH defined the term "most valuable beings".

Some may at first blush call this crowning presumptuous. So, I will provide some context first. I will start by referencing a stat analysis of the Orange County Church of Scientology performed by a long-time Sea Org vet and evaluator, our own Friend of Ron. FoR obtained the stats from OC Org's own Org mag. Most of you will recall that Orange County was the Ideal Org (as LRH defined such) of the eighties and nineties. The perrenial Birthday Game winner before the game was cancelled by Scientology Inc. The analysis of FoR is attached at the bottom of this posting.

I am announcing here that the HGC and Academy production of the Birthday Game winner 2011 completely eclipses the once proud and mighty Orange County org. Realize, I am sure that Ron's Org, Helmut and Helen's org and other Russian and European outfits produce several multiples of OC org, or any other Scientology Inc Org for that matter. But, remember, the Birthday game is about degrees of EXPANSION. And it is about expansion in the delivery of standard LRH tech. So, don't take offense you all - you are appreciated and acknowledged. This is just my blog and reflects what I am informed and aware of. So, anybody and everybody who is doing similar deeds, and maybe even at higher levels of quantity - please take this acknowledgement as an acknowledgement to you too. My game winner choice is constrained by those I am intimately aware of and have seen evidence of the expansion of the practice of Standard Tech; both in terms of numbers and breadth of the Bridge. On that score, I can personally attest that the winners of the 2011 Birthday Game produce miracles, day in and day out.