Blog: L Ron Hubbard In Perspective - 2011-04-14

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F0.png L Ron Hubbard In Perspective April 14, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Let's get a little bit of perspective here on all the brouhaha over the past couple days on this blog. I was not attempting to dictate how people think. I was merely serving as an iconoclast of those "icons" who have sought (and it appears achieved in some quarters) that lofty status by acting themselves as iconoclasts of L Ron Hubbard.

I've seen them come and go and return and remain. Those that claimed to have the inside track to L Ron Hubbard, or they knew Ron so began to know better than him, or were channeling L Ron Hubbard, or even the one who claims to have a gigantic tunnel full of L Ron Hubbard.

Let us not lose sight of one significant fact - so obvious as to constitute an elephant in the room - none of those iconoclasts even exist without L Ron Hubbard.