Blog: Las Vegas Redux Plus Bonus - 2014-06-06

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F376.png Las Vegas Redux Plus Bonus June 6, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

I had put up an earlier report showing the Las Vegas org parking lot with ONE car taken at 7pm on Saturday. That seemed a bit unfair as orgs shut their doors at 6pm on Saturday apparently and you couldn't expect anyone to be there "after hours" just because they like the place.

So, I asked if someone could swing by and take some new shots during the week and during peak production hours.

Special Correspondent Mark Fisher obliged and sent in these photos as well as a good write up to put this in perspective. Mark Fisher is an old time management person — a trained evaluator, in fact he was in AVC authorizing evals as to purity of form and subsequently became "Corporate Liaison" which was the cut-out for Miscavige when he was "COB ASI" and theoretically (at least on paper) was not controling the church (hah...)