Blog: Latest From The Disconnection Bubble - 2013-07-31

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F376.png Latest From The Disconnection Bubble July 31, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Here is the latest from the "Facebook Police".

Clearly there is an effort to make themselves look "kinder and gentler" and couch the demand to disconnect as a "choice".... But anyone who receivers such a message knows what this means. Disconnect (unfriend) or you will be reported for consorting with the enemy and your name will be on the list for unfriending next.

"Dr. Bill," a sockpuppet KoolAid drinker of the first order, makes it known to his friends and associates that he reports to Kathy True, Donatella Kevenaar and Julian Swartz. He once proclaimed: "If you get information on anyone from me, it has come directly from OSA. I will not write and suggest that anyone disconnect unless that person is my specific target based on info from OSA."