Blog: Leah Remini, Shelly Miscavige and Tom Cruise - 2015-11-08

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F376.png Leah Remini, Shelly Miscavige and Tom Cruise November 8, 2015, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

What can Miscavige do to respond to Hurricane Leah? She is blowing his house down and it is a storm that comes on top of severe damage already inflicted on the once apparently impregnable fortress of scientology.

It has been building throughout the year — Going Clear at Sundance got the ball rolling.

Followed by the revelations from the PI's tailing his father which thrust scientology back into the headlines. Losing tax exemption in the Netherlands. Tony Ortega's Unbreakable Miss Lovely, a never ending stream of Narconon bad news. And much more.