Blog: Learn from the Master - 2018-11-26

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F376.png Learn from the Master November 26, 2018, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

You can pay money to hear from the guy who had 3 wives (though claimed he had no second wife), married while still married to another woman, beat his wife and disowned his own child and in the end abandoned them all.

LRH is held out in scientology as the paragon of virtuous family man... The bubble=dwellers just accept this as "fact." In all things LRH was beyond reproach. So much so that his words on any subject are considered to be unalterable and life-saving truth. Even on subjects where he was clearly NOT a model for anyone to pattern their lives on.

Forget Margaret (Polly) and Sara, even Mary Sue ended up abandoned and alone after taking the fall for Hubbard. Hardly a wonderful marriage — him living in a bus in Creston, her living under virtual house arrest in Los Angeles, with Miscavige spies in her home to report on her 24/7.